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DIBS Volunteer Sign-ups

Click this link to see current volunteer opportunities available within the club!

Volunteer Opportunities


You can help Team Duluth help our youth by volunteering your valuable time and expertise. Unlike most youth sports, our parents can actively participate in the sport while they volunteer! You need not be a skier in order to make valuable contributions of your time and energy.

The two areas of volunteering your time and skills for Team Duluth - fundraising and on-the-hill – has two purposes: One, to participate in the operations of the Club by helping augment our budget; and Two, to participate in the comaraderie and fun on-the-hill. The latter keeps Team Duluth the envy of other clubs, and the former keeps our team fees the lowest in the state.

Other than coaching, Team Duluth is run entirely by volunteers and a wide variety of skills are needed. Some opportunities are one-time; others require a longer commitment. All are a great way to meet other parents involved in the program, support your child and actively participate in this family sport. Our club is the envy of all other clubs in Minnesota due to the enthusiasm and active participation of our parents and the camaraderie it brings.

If you are interested in volunteering in any capacity, please talk to the club administrator, a board member or an event/committee chairman (listed in parentheses below), and please know that each event needs many helpers. You may even shadow a current volunteer to learn the job!  A great way to see our current volunteer opportunities is by visiting the DIBS page, which is the online tool we use for volunteering at Team Duluth.

Our key fundraiser events – the Atmore, Ski Swap and Holiday Camp – are critical to the financial success of the Club and reduce significantly the team fees for ALL programs and ALL athletes (by 2 1/2 times!). Parents are strongly encouraged to join the fun, roll up their sleeves and help the Club with their time and energy.

Opportunities include:
  • Board member (1-2 Openings)
  • Parent Mentor (vacancies each yearSee Contact Us page for current Mentors
  • Hotel reservation blocks for races (Amy Carlson)
  • Fundraising – develop and lead a new fundraiser (Always looking for more)
  • Annual Patrons appeal – annual fundraising program (vacant)
  • Publicity/media relations (vacant)
  • Graphics— brochures, fliers, posters – (vacant)
  • Team Room – leadership to coordinate improvements (other helpers needed)
  • Ski Banquet coordinator (end of year awards event) - (John Wood -other helpers needed)
  • Potluck coordinator (fall informational kick-off) - (John Wood)
  • Photographer (Brenda Winberg)
  • Sponsorship/Advertising Program (Curt Leitz)
  • Web Chair (Perry Danelski)
  • Fall Camp coordinator (vacant)
  • NJRS race program coordinators (Becky Hartley, Dave Bergan, Steve Mihalik)
    • Other NJRS positions available:
      • Registration and awards
      • Timing and announcer
      • Gate judges and course workers
  • Ski Swap coordinator (Josh Elleson/Dave Bergan)
    • Other Ski Swap positions available:
      • Volunteer coordinator (vacant)
      • Security (Josh Elleson)
      • Check Out/Back Office (Brenda Winberg)
      • Check-in (Melanie Neveau)
      • Set-up/Clean-up (Nick Clingman/Scott Ransom)
      • Accounting (vacant)
      • Sales floor (parents and athletes)
      • Food (Freestyle parents and athletes)
  • Holiday Camp coordinator (Teresa Johnston)
    • Other Holiday Camp positions available:
      • Assistant coordinator (vacant)
      • Check-in (vacant)
      • Flyer distribution/media (Corey Danelski)
      • Registration (vacant)
  • USSA/FIS Race-volunteer coordinator (“Unit Manager – email information about upcoming races, recruit race volunteers”)
    • Non-Scored (vacant)
    • Scored (vacant)
  • Region 1 USSA Equipment Manager (Haul trailer as assigned 1-2x per year)
    • Non-Scored (vacant)
    • Scored (vacant)
  • Region 1 USSA Race Office (Be willing to staff Race office 1-2x per year when duty is assigned to our club – need 2-3 people)
    • Non-Scored (vacant)
    • Scored (Brenda Winberg)
  • Atmore Memorial Race – Chief of Race (Mark Winberg)
    • Other Atmore Race positions available:
      • Volunteer coordinator (John Parker)
      • T-shirt sales (vacant)
      • Food coordinator (vacant)
      • Race office (Brenda Winberg)
      • Course workers (many positions available)
      • Publicity
      • Opening Ceremonies
  • Race volunteers and officials (for both NJRS club and USSA/FIS races)
    • Chief of Race - take the reins on coordinating 1-2 USSA, NJRS races
    • Race office–registers racers, publishes run order and results
    • Timing–works with electronic timing system
    • Starters—lines up skiers at start in run order
    • Gate judge—ensures each skier passed through the gate legally
    • Results board—records skier results at finish
    • Announcer—announces results during race
    • Course workers—keep the course conditions safe during race
    • USSA officials—requires USSA license. Training is available to any Team Duluth parent. 
Race Course Crew