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Click on the link below to register for the 2018-19 season!


2018-19 Ski Programs

Head Coach Nick Clingman and his coaching staff offer a variety of freestyle and alpine training programs for all levels of skill and commitment for athletes ages 7-19. A variety of competitions are available from which to choose, and athletes are also welcome to join the club and train without committing to racing or competing.   Young athletes, both alpine and freestyle, can choose from a range of programs which vary from training one night a week to a more intense training and competition regimen. For additional information on each program, refer to the “Programs” link.

Team Duluth Registration

Click on the link at the top of this page to register your athlete. Also please refer to the Scholarship tab for information on the G. Scott Ransom Scholarship -  we encourage you to apply!  For more information on the scholarship, see
You may choose to pay online or submit a check by mail.  Registration for all returning Team Duluth athletes will be due September 15th. Full payment is due by the Season Kick-Off dinner which will be held in the main chalet at Spirit Mountain on October 9th.  (Though you are welcome to send a check before then to the address below).  Payments made at the Season Kick-off event may be made by check (preferred, as it saves the club ~ $20 per athlete in card fees), Cash, Visa or MasterCard. Late Registrations may be made by mail, and will be subject to space availability.  Mail registration to:  Team Duluth, PO Box 3616, Duluth, MN 55803.



Please note that while our registration deadline is September 15th, Dryland begins September 10th, and any athlete participating in Dryland must have a 2018-19 Registration form on file in order to participate.




Alpine Programs

Entry-level: D-Team 

Development Team $650*

  • Builds on recreational skiing abilities by introducing younger skiers to racing and a competitive racing experience
  • Age: generally from ages 6 to 12
  • Season starts late-December and runs through mid-March
  • Training includes
    • Tuesday night training 5:30-8:00 pm
    • most Saturdays training 9-12:00 am
    • 3 days holiday camp in December
  • coaching at NJRS Club races


Team Duluth 

This program is designed for alpine racers with a higher level of commitment. Depending on age and level of desire, athletes may participate in NJRS, High School, USSA and FIS races throughout the Upper Midwest.

Training/races include both GS and SL. Up to 3 nights of training per week are offered. Older athletes are encouraged to attend the Team’s Fall Camp at Winter Park, CO.

  • Training includes
    • Dryland training September-November at Chester Bowl (4-6 pm)
    • Up to three nights of coaching December-season close (5-8 pm)
    • 5 days of Christmas Camp in December
    • 3 days of winter break camp in February
  • Coaching at races (NJRS, USSA and FIS) as applicable
  • Additional training as scheduled
  • Fall Camp is a separate program that allows for a jump on early season training for older athletes – please see the fall camp page for details.

There are two (2) categories of programs for Team Duluth athletes:  Non-Scored and Scored:


Non-Scored Program : $900*:

The Non-Scored Program is designed for young alpine racers who wish to compete at a more intense level. Participants are generally ages 10-13 (U12, & U14). The season begins in September with dryland training and continues through the end of the racing season in late March. The training emphasis is on developing Slalom (SL) and Giant Slalom (GS) technique and tactics. Skill development will increase significantly when athletes choose to train two or more nights per week with Team Duluth. Athletes are placed in peer and skill level-appropriate groups and combined as conditions warrant, including but not limited to focus of training, hill conditions, number of athletes training, etc.  Groups are not assigned for the entire season and group makeup is a dynamic process.  Athletes considering moving up from D-Team to age class should consult with Head Coach Nick Clingman to determine the best placement option.   



The Scored Program is an intense training and race program. Racers compete regionally and may qualify for national competitions. Training at this level will help maximize an athlete’s potential. Participants are generally athletes ages 14 and over (U16, U18 and U21).  Athletes at this level work to qualify to compete in FIS races in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Canada in addition to USSA races and high school racing.



Freestyle Program

Freestyle is a sport that is gaining more and more popularity. It’s way more than just moguls and aerials!
The Duluth Alpine Club Freestyle Ski Team offers programs for intermediate as well as experienced skiers who have a desire and willingness to learn while having fun. The Freestyle Program focuses on developing the team members in multiple freestyle disciplines, promoting camaraderie, and creating an enjoyable atmosphere.

Entry Level

Progression Freeski $450*

The Progression Freeski Program provides an entry level freestyle program for young athletes that focuses on fun, safety, and basic freestyle skill development. The team meets two nights a week with practices focusing on both freestyle skills and basic skiing techniques. It provides young skiers with a fun and challenging introduction to the fundamental skills of freestyle skiing including mogul skiing, aerials, big air, half-pipe, and slope-style. It also instills an understanding of park etiquette and safety sense needed to go into terrain parks. Coaching will be given at all Spirit Mountain USSA sanctioned events. The Progression Freeski Program provides a solid base for moving up to the competition team while developing good skiing skills.

  • entry level freestyle program that focuses on fun, safety, and basic freestyle skill development
  • fun and challenging introduction to mogul skiing, aerials, big air, half-pipe, slope-style, and terrain park etiquette
  • good program to provide solid base for Competitive Team
  • training includes
    • 2 nights per week (Tuesday, Thursday)
    • coaching at freestyle competitions at Spirit Mountain
    • additional training as scheduled

Competitive Advanced Team Ski Program $700*

The Competitive Team Program offers athletes opportunities to train and compete in disciplines of freestyle skiing. The program is geared toward athletes who have a basic background in freestyle skiing. The team meets three nights a week focusing on developing strong skiers and skilled competitors in mogul skiing, aerials, big air, half-pipe, and slope-style. The Competitive Team members have the opportunity to compete in competitions on the weekends through USSA, and work towards competing in the Junior Olympics. USSA coaching will be provided at all USSA sanctioned events. The program emphasizes developing technical skills needed to excel in freestyle skiing. While competition is encouraged, the overall emphasis is on having fun in a team setting while working to meet individual goals.

  • offers athletes opportunities to train and compete in freestyle disciplines
  • geared toward athletes who already have a basic freestyle background
  • emphasis is on developing technical skills needed to excel in freestyle skiing
  • training includes
    • Dryland training September-November at Chester Bowl (4-6 pm)
    • 3 nights per week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday)
    • additional training as necessary
  • Coaching at USSA freestyle competitions


Team Duluth Snowboard Program

The Team Duluth Snowboard Program is now in its second year, and  we offer both a junior team and an advanced team to meet the needs of riders in all ability levels. 

The Snowboard Program will include on-snow training throughout the winter 2-3 times a week. Typical practices will include structured activities aimed at building a rider’s fundamental skills while also focusing more specifically on each rider’s needs. The Snowboard Program will also include coaching at regional USASA events that are run through the Upper Midwest Snow Series for Advanced Team members. Contest coaching will include individual coaching for each rider on the day of the contest at the venue for one discipline.

Advanced Team - $700*

The Advanced Team is for riders who are beyond the basics park riding level.  Whether they are looking to simply step up their ability to the next level or to move into the competition scene, the Advanced Team will be the place they want to be. 

Practice will be each Tuesday and Thursday and every Saturday that there is not a USASA competition.

Junior Team - $450*

The Junior Snowboard Team is the correct place for either entry level riders to the terrain park or those that are still mastering their first tricks.  By maintaining a low athlete to coach ratio, the Junior team will allow all riders to grow in all areas of the terrain park.

Practices will be each Tuesday and Thursday.

Local competition coaching available, media days and team party toward the end of the season.



*Fees subject to change.