Detailed Ski Tuning Information

Ski tuning is an essential part of ski racing.  Most important videos are RED.


Failing to take care of ski edges will result in less grip on the snow and increase the potential for injury.

Take some time and watch these videos if you aren't sure how to take care of race skis (or any ski for that matter).

Your coach should be able to clue you in on tuning and waxing; at least after watching these you should know the lingo!

Side wall material removal video.

Ski edge beveling (how to sharpen your skis - IMPORTANT).

Ski edge diamond/stone polishing (for ski sharpening- IMPORTANT).

Base beveling.

Kinds of ski wax.

How to wax a race ski.

Recreational ski waxing.

Different Kinds of ski tuning brushes.

Ski tuning benches, vices, and irons.

Tuning files, guides, and stones.