Equipment Policies

While USSA has implemented changes to the helmet rules for athletes ages 13 and up, we will NOT be making those changes at this time and will revisit our helmet policy next year or the year after.  Our current helmet/chin guard policy is as follows:

Helmets: All racers are required to wear a helmet for NJRS races. Helmets with hard ears (race helmets) are recommended but not required.  GoPros/Helmet Cams will not be permitted on any NJRS race course.

Slalom Equipment: Chin guards are optional. NJRS wants to make ski racing accessible to as many skiers as possible and at this time does not require helmet chin guards for slalom racing since many of the racers will not be hitting a lot of gates.   NJRS does recommend chin guards be worn if the racer has one or progresses to a skill level where they are consistently hitting gates during slalom runs.  We recommend keeping tools in your bag to remove your chin guard since some require allen keys and other require a screw driver to remove the chin guard as chin guards should NOT be worn during any events other than SL race runs.  NJRS STRONGLY RECOMMENDS that slalom chin guards are removed for GS. Chin guards can increase chances of injury or increase the severity of injury during GS racing due to higher skier speeds.  At higher levels of racing (not NJRS) chin bars are generally allowed only in slalom or kombi events, i.e. USSA and FIS sanctioned racing.  For your racer's safety, we would appreciate your cooperation. 

BIBS - Please remember to use the same bib throughout the season.  This makes calculating qualifiers for the NJRS Championships much easier.  If you have any questions, please email us at