What is NJRS?

NJRS was formed by Team Duluth's coach, Scott "Race" Ransom to make the sport of ski racing more accessible and Team Duluth has a dedicated board member that acts as coordinator for NJRS clubs.

The NJRS is a series of fun local ski races, where young athletes test their developing skills. Races are generally held every Sunday, beginning with the first Sunday in January.  Local ski areas and clubs take turns hosting the races. There is no charge (entry fee) for the racers who are a member of an  NJRS club. 

Why did the NJRS website move?

The original NJRS Website was created by Team Duluth in 2009 and while was kept up to date was not mobile friendly and did not allow easy administration by Team Duluth's NJRS coordinator. 

Additionally, moving the site directly under Team Duluth eliminated the costs of creating a new NJRS website and also gives NJRS an easy way to register club members for each race.  Having easy registration for each race cuts down on the madness of registering every racer on a race morning and improves accuracy too.

Lastly,  moving to this website will allow NJRS to post "Dibs" sign-ups for volunteer positions to help run races when needed.  As you may already know, the club where the race is held is responsible to staff the volunteer positions to run a race, some race venues do not have a home club to staff an event (Giant's Ridge).

NJRS Format

Each race consists of two race runs, usually Giant Slalom.  Slalom was added in 2009 at select races for racers ages 8 and up.  Kids under 8 years old will still race Giant Slalom only.  Times for each run are added together to determine the racers' standings within their age groups.  There are both boys and girls groups for the following ages: (5 & Under)  (6-7) (8-9) (10-11) (12-13) (14-15) (16+).  Awards will be given to the top finishers in each group. See FAQ page more information.

Race Day Format

Race Registration                 9:00 am-10:15 am (**Need to close registration at 10:15 to begin the race on time)  SOME RACES MAY START EARLIER THIS YEAR THE RACE INFORMATION FROM COACHES WILL HAVE THESE UPDATES. 
Training Course                      9:30 am-   (Approximately and if available)
1st Course Inspection        10:00 am - 10:45am
1st Race Run 7 & under     11:00 am - Youngest run first.  All 7 & under racers return immediately to the top of the hill for their second run on the same course.  7 & under racers will not race on the second course in the afternoon

1st Race Run 8 & up            11:30 (Approximately)

2nd Course Inspection    1:00 pm- 1:30 pm (Approximately)
2nd Race Run 8 & up         1:45 pm (Approximately)  
Awards                                       Soon after race completion ~4 pm