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Why contribute to Team Duluth?

For more than 58 years, Team Duluth has conducted a premier, comprehensive ski racing and freestyle program. The lessons learned – setting goals, teamwork and hard work – translate to the rest of an athlete’s life. Over 10,000 area youth have participated in our program – a legacy for our community and an investment for the future.

Youth on Team Duluth racing and freestyle teams can start as early as 5 years old and continue developing their skiing skills throughout their high school years.

Our goal is to offer the best competitive ski program possible to Northland youth at an affordable price. However, increasing costs make it an extraordinary challenge for the club to accomplish this. We conduct an Annual Appeal each fall.

Team Duluth is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization (tax ID# 41-6049521).

There are several ways you can help listed below.

Contact for more information:

Mitchell Diers - Team Duluth Sponsorship Committee    218-269-1067

Katie Hughes - Team Duluth Board President   612-419-1628

Corey Danelski - Team Duluth Program Director   218-391-2027

Help today - Team Duluth Patron's Fund

Donations to the Patron’s Fund help with on-going expenses of the club throughout the year, filling gaps not covered by team fees and other fundraising events.

  • race course equipment–gates, drills, safety netting
  • training equipment–communication and video equipment
  • coaching compensation and professional training
  • team room improvements
  • other needs

Help for the future - G. Scott Ransom Scholarship Fund

This scholarship fund was created in 2005, honoring Scott Ransom’s over 30 years as our Head Coach. The Fund, managed in partnership with the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation, helps deserving athletes with the training fees associated with pursuing competitive skiing. Our club wants all athletes in the community to have the same opportunity to reach their full potential regardless of income level. Only earnings from this fund will be used for scholarships.

Sponsorship Program

Team Duluth seeks companies and organizations committed to supporting our mission to develop young athletes and citizens through competitive alpine skiing. The Club’s Sponsorship Program provides an opportunity for you to do that, and an opportunity for Team Duluth to publicly recognize your sponsorship.

The Club has over 300 athletes each year participate in our teams who train and race at Spirit Mountain, our learn-to ski program and the Northland Junior Race Series. In addition, we have Athletes travel to races and freestyle competition throughout the region. Team Duluth hosts the prestigious Atmore Memorial FIS Race each year at Spirit Mountain, as well as 2 USSA races and numerous regional Northland Junior Race Series races. Each event draws between 200 and 400 athletes, parents and coaches.

The Sponsorship Program is a three year commitment at a cost of $500 per year, running July 1 to June 30 each year.

Program Benefits:

The Sponsorship Program is designed to recognize each sponsor’s commitment to the Club through as many touch points as we can reasonably provide. They include:

  • Company Name/Logo on our sponsor board located on the Race Start House on top of Gandy Dancer slope, as well as the large sponsor board located on the front of our Team Building.
  • Company Name/Logo and link on our Club Website (
  • Company Name/Logo displayed on a 3’ tall by 4’ wide banner that will be attached to netting/fencing at the start or finish lines of Team Duluth race events. Note that the sponsor will need to provide its own banner for Team Duluth specifications.
  • Company Name/Logo banner displayed at Club events, including our kickoff and end of year banquets, Ski Swap, etc.
  • Other exposures that Team Duluth Board can reasonably provide.


Other way to contribute

Leave a gift to Team Duluth in your will. Talk with your advisor about how to make a bequest to Team Duluth. Talk with the Club President.

Participate in the annual Ski Swap—this venue provides the community with a way to buy and sell used and new snow sports equipment. The club earns 20% commission on equipment sold during the sale.

Send a child to Holiday Camp—more than 5,000 kids over the past 30 years have learned to ski at this four day camp open to the community during Christmas break. Proceeds from the camp assist in keeping team fees low.

Volunteer time - It takes  many volunteer hours each year to ensure Team Duluth can offer a quality program to its members.  To make this happen many talents are needed even if you don't ski.  For example, Team Duluth can use your talent in many areas such as  web administration or web design, graphic arts, photography, video production,  accounting,  office skills,  construction, organizational management, project management to name just a few.  See our volunteer page for more information.