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    Message to the Membership

    Happy New Year to all!

    Wow, we started off the year with a BANG! The ATMORE feedback has been excellent.  I have had many people tell me;  “One of the best run races that they had ever been at.” I’d like to thank the ATMORE Committee, Dave Neustal, Dave Bergan and Nick Clingman!  Your efforts made the weekend a success and reaffirms that Team Duluth puts on one of the best events in the Nation. 2nd, I want to thank all the parents that helped support the race, made goodies, and helped with the Coach’s Social on Saturday; specifically Becky Hartley and Kris Madison.


    Now we have an opportunity to build on last weekend’s momentum. This weekend (Jan 7/8), Team Duluth and Central Region 1 will be hosting Scored and Non-Scored races. I would like to see as many of our Team Duluth alpine kids sign up for the USSA races.  As a reminder you will need to have a USSA license (temp or season) to participate and sign up for the race. Myself, Corey, or Nick can assist navigating the process if you are lost.  While it sounds daunting, it is quite easy.  Parent volunteers are needed as well. Many of the positions do not require Alpine Official licenses, if you have questions about the jobs please let me know.  Your hours will count towards your Team Duluth requirement, just send Corey the info.

    It would be great to see the fire pit roaring and the grill smoking sometime this weekend. If you have scrap lumber or firewood laying around, please bring it to the Team Room.  We will count your donation towards your volunteer hours.


    Sunday is the start of the NJRS Season.  For the new folks, get there early, make sure your stuff is packed up as the MDL chalet is a bit of a clown show on Sundays, sign your waiver/purchase your ticket early, have your racer ready to go in position with the coaches. MDL is a fun place to watch a race, the deck is a great place to meet other parents and have a post-race beverage.


    The Northern Light Freestyle Series (NLFS) kicks off this Friday (Jan 6th) @ Chester Bowl. Another great opportunity to parents to get involved and have fun! I guarantee that our TD athletes are chomping at the bit to show off their skills and hard work. Thank you to NLFS coordinators for all of your hard work and dedication to the sport.


    Lastly, I want to thank all of our parents that stepped up to become Lift Ops employees for Spirit MT. We manned 90% of the positions during the evening and the majority of early lift spins for the ATMORE weekend. When I say without you we would be able to practice, race, or ride; I am not joking!  THANK YOU!!!  I would love to see more folks put in for the positions.  The job is easy, fun, and hopefully we can get the place open on Tuesdays again.  The Supervisors are flexible with people’s schedules.

    Steve Mihalik | Team Duluth Ski and Snowboard Club


    Team Duluth

    Mission Statement

    Team Duluth is committed to developing on-snow skills and personal growth in young athletes.  We help young athletes develop their abilities while striving to be a positive influence on personal development.  We enable young athletes to choose their training and competitive intensity.

    Team Duluth is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization run by a volunteer Board of Directors.


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    Phone: 218-260-2960

    Team Duluth, PO Box 3616, Duluth, MN 55803

    Steve Mihalik

    Team Duluth Board President


    Contact Team Duluth Head Coaches for more information: 

    Nick Clingman - Alpine Head Coach

    John Degelau - Freeski Head Coach

    Hunter Rackliffe - Snowboard Head Coach


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