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    Message to the Membership

    Greetings Team Duluth! 


    I am reaching out to promote our Telegram Communication App.  It's free, super easy to use and when set up correctly you get notifications just as you would a text message.  Please take the time to download for your phones and computers.  It is a great way for us to get time sensitive information out, the ability for you to ask questions, and for you to stay connected with other parents.  Communication is one of my core principles when it comes to leadership, let our team's coaches and support staff help you navigate the compressed chaos known as Ski and Snowboard Season. 



    For those of you not training in Colorado over Thanksgiving break, take the time to get out onto the Snow.  Wild Mountain, Lutsen, and more than likely Giants Ridge and even maybe Spirit will be open.  Laps on the hill to get your ski/snowboard legs are very important even if you are not "training".  The kids can get a few miles in, adjust their gear and have some fun! 



    Raffle Tickets! We need to SELL, SELL, SELL!! I can not say it enough. The drawing is December 14th!   It is one of our largest fundraising efforts and it is a major reason we have not had to raise rates. The SWAP was down 20% this year.  It wasn't our worst year but not the best either. Please make arrangements to swing by the Team Duluth Building and pick up extra books of tickets.  There will be a few folks that are not out west over Thanksgiving that can meet you.  Reach out to myself or Corey and we can make something happen. 

    Money/Ticket subs can be dropped off at the Team Duluth Building mailbox as well.  Just let us know that you are doing so, that way we don't have large amounts of cash sitting in there for prolonged periods. 


    Team Duluth Alpine

    Team Duluth Alpine Chat


    Team Duluth Snowboard


    Team Duluth DTeam


    Team Duluth Freestyle


    Northland Junior Race Series


    Happy Thanksgiving and Cheers! 



    Steve Mihalik | Team Duluth Ski and Snowboard Club

    Team Duluth President


    Team Duluth

    Mission Statement

    Team Duluth is committed to developing on-snow skills and personal growth in young athletes.  We help young athletes develop their abilities while striving to be a positive influence on personal development.  We enable young athletes to choose their training and competitive intensity.

    Team Duluth is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization run by a volunteer Board of Directors.


    This is the ALPINE link


    This is the D-TEAM link


    This is the FREESTYLE link


    This is the SNOWBOARD link


    This is the NJRS link


    Phone: 218-260-2960

    Team Duluth, PO Box 3616, Duluth, MN 55803

    Steve Mihalik

    Team Duluth Board President


    Contact Team Duluth Head Coaches for more information: 

    Nick Clingman - Alpine Head Coach

    John Degelau - Freeski Head Coach

    Hunter Rackliffe - Snowboard Head Coach


    Team Duluth Freestyle Instagram

    Team Duluth Alpine Facebook

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